How to Achieve Workplace Health and Wellness

How to Achieve Workplace Health
and Wellness
Workplace health and wellness are two areas that can help a company improve
employee morale bruglermarketing, increase productivity and keep costs low. A well-planned
workplace wellness program can also boost employee engagement and help
employees perform their best at work, which is key to overall organizational success.
Creating and implementing an effective wellness program is critical to the success of
any business, no matter the size. It can have an impact on absenteeism, productivity
and employee retention.

Employee Wellness Programs: An Overview from Lark Wellness
There are many ways to achieve wellness through your everyday life. For example, a
simple change in your diet can make an enormous difference in how you feel and
how you function at work. Swapping sugary snacks for healthy options can be just as
beneficial as a gym membership or yoga class.
Take a daily B vitamin – Taking a B vitamin every day is a great way to reduce your
risk for cancer and heart disease. Foods rich in B vitamins include leafy greens,
avocadoes, bananas and eggs.
Compliment others – Everyone benefits from hearing positive feedback. Getting
compliments boosts your happiness and can help you focus more.
Eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables – Increasing your intake of these foods can
improve your health, energy levels and decrease your risk for chronic diseases.
Eating these foods can also lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
Exercise regularly – Exercising regularly can improve your overall health and help
you live longer. A regular exercise schedule can also improve your mood, enhance
your cognitive function and decrease your risk for depression.
Try to spend time with friends and family – Making an effort to connect with people
outside of your workplace can help you feel connected, happy and healthy. This can
also be helpful if you have a lot of stress at work, as it will help reduce your cortisol
levels and improve your mental health.

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Use a mindfulness app – There are a variety of apps available that can help you relax
and unwind. Meditation, breathing exercises and yoga are just some of the tools that
can help you manage stress and improve your overall wellness.
Get a massage – A good quality, professional massage can help relieve the stresses
of the day and promote relaxation, which can improve your physical and mental
health at work. While you don’t need a full-time massage therapist, having a few
visits from one each month or so is a cost-effective way to improve your wellness.
Have a fun team outing – Going out for a night on the town can be a great
opportunity to bond with coworkers while having a bit of fun. Laser-gaming, bowling
and trampoline jumping can be great team outings that won’t break the bank.
Ensure you have a healthy work environment and encourage employees to engage
in a variety of physical activities at work. Whether that means providing standing
desks, ping pong tables or exercise balls, making the effort to have an open space in

your office can make an incredible difference for the wellbeing of your workforce.

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