How to play craps game?

Craps is gambling game like you can find in mmc996 online casino, here we use dice for playing instead of cards and balls. And some chips also used for betting the games. Directly we don’t use money on playing. Each chip will have some value so based on that the bet amounts will be calculated. The game is originated in United States during 1788. Then it is spread to all over the world. The games can spread by many ways, mostly spreaded by the traders. Casino will give relax to the people and on relaxation we can earn money too. It has both benefits to the people. All will love to earn money by ease. On that time gambling games will play major role among people than other games. It will be so interesting game for playing. It is old games played for long time. But now we use latest technology for playing comparing to olden days. From the past gambling games are played all over the world in different ways. Then with lot changes now rules book have arrived for each games.

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Rules of playing casino

As already said, craps are dice based game. Here we use dice for playing. Two dice are used for playing. Like other games here also some rules will be followed for playing. First one should gain knowledge about the game and start to play the game. We should read the book once or twice to know the tricks and rules of playing. The craps game has another name, which is seven eleven game. The players need to make bets on some basis, one on banker and another one is on each other players. The one who throws the dice is called shooter. First the shooter needs to make the bet. He need to choose bet on pass line or don’t pass line. The dice board is divided into 4 columns. Each will have one name. Based on that only we can make bets. After the shooter the dice will pass to next player in left direction. It won’t goes in right side of the player. The shooter can get chance once again to throw the dice based on the number 7 or 11. The players can increase the bet chips according the money they earn. 

The 3 Biggest Mistakes in Craps and How to Avoid Them

While throwing the dice both dice need to roll over. If one dice didn’t get roll over, it is not consider for playing. Again the shooter needs to throw the dice. In this craps also maximum and minimum numbers are chosen to play the game. If we place the bets on minimum numbers with don’t pass or don’t come move, the winning chance will be high. Before throwing the dice we should make the bets. Making bets should be clever. The chips will be placed over and over. If the person wins the game, chips of remaining persons will move to the shooter player. Or else if he loses the game, the player need to split the chips and given to the remaining players. Players with maximum chips will be considering as winner.


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